Why Does My Poop Float?

Why Does My Poop Float?

There are some questions that just persist over time. For example, children will always ask the question,"Why is the grass green?" Another favorite of most kids is the age old, "Is the moon made of cheese?" Of course, as adults these questions seem silly but we have our own questions that continue to persist. One such question is,"Why does my poop float?" The fact of the matter is that there is a very good reason why this does happen. If you do have a medical condition and wish to ask a question of a medical doctor then you can do so by simply typing your question in the box to the right hand side of this web page. A physician will get back with you immediately. So, let's take a look at why poop floats.

There are quite a few people that are under the impression that it is better to have poop that floats rather than sinks. Many of those same people are under the belief that poop that floats has less fat in it and therefore indicates a healthier lifestyle. This is simply not true. There are cases that this may be true for such as those who have cystic fibrosis but otherwise floating poop is not a indicator of healthier body functioning. It has been shown through research that most people have sinking poop rather than floaters. So, let's look to answer the question, "Why does my poop float?"

The reason why your poop floats is due to the gases in the poop itself. Higher levels of air and gas in poop lead to a decrease in density and as a result caused it to float.

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Why Does My Poop Float?

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