Why Does My Poop Sink?

Why Does My Poop Sink?

Ah, the oft asked question about everyone’s favorite topic: Poop! We all want to know the following:

  • Why does it stink? It has a lot to do with your diet.
  • Why does my poop burn? It has a direct reflection on the spices and hot oils you consume.
  • Why does it turn brown?  It is all about the processing.
  • Why does my poop come out hard? This also has to do with your diet.
  • Why does it come out with corn fully intact? Corn cellulose does not break down.

Why does my poop … ? The list goes on and on. We are all fascinated by our own elimination elements. There are usually good and simple reason was to why our bowel movements sometimes deviate from the norm but there are times when irregular movements tell us that something far more serious is in play. Poop that is discolored, etc. can tell us that we have colitis, hemorrhoids, cancer, etc.. If you have a serious question for a doctor then you can type your question in the box to the right hand side of this page and medical Doctor will get back with you right away. In the meantime, let us take a look at the all important question:

Why does my poop sink?

The reason why poop floats is because of the gases in the actual poop itself. When there are heightened amounts of gas and air in the poop then there becomes a lessened amount of density and the end result is floating poop. Of course, this is also the reason why poop sinks. It is all about the gases and air in poop and the fact that your poop sinks has nothing to do with fat or too little fat in your diet as the urban legend goes.

Why Does My Poop Sink?

Why does my?

Why does poop smell so bad?

Why does my poop burn?

Why does my poop float?