Why Does My Urine Smell Sweet?

Why Does My Urine Smell Sweet?

There some strange things in life. I mean, I just do not understand why a platypus looks the way it does. I am bewildered by the fact that the moon gets as bright as it does when it hits full moon status. Another thing that I find quite strange is the fact that urine sometimes can smell sweet of all things. Granted that most of the time urine smells anything but “sweet” but there is a good reason why sometimes it does smell in such a way. Before we get to the reasons why urine can actually smell sweet let me first let you know that you can ask any medical question that you want by simply typing your question in the box to the upper right and a Medical Doctor will get back with you right away. So, “Why does my urine smell sweet?” Let’s take a look at some of the more common reasons.

1. Pregnancy. The actual medical term for “Sweet urine” is Glycosuria. This condition is often attributed to women that are pregnant.

2. Diabetes. If you smell a sweet flavor in your urine then it is very possible that you are urinating blood sugar and it can be a sign of something much more serious going on. If you are diabetic and notice this then you need to get in to see a Medical Doctor as soon as possible.

3. If you are wondering, “Why does my urine smell sweet?” then it could possibly be related to vitamin supplements that you are suing. If you have recently started taking vitamins then stop those specific vitamins for a while and see if there is a difference. If so, then you may be taking a supplement that contains too much of a vitamin or mineral for your body type.

There are a number of other reasons why your urine may be smelling sweet and some of these are quite serious. As previously mentioned, you may want to contact a doctor to get a formal diagnosis and treatment plan. You can contact a doctor by typing your question in the box to the right hand side of the page.

Why Does My Urine Smell Sweet?


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